The Strangest and most Expensive keyboard

by Dhiram Shah

The Maltron keyboard has to be the strangest keyboard around. Actually the whacky looking keyboard is supposed to increase your efficiency as with a conventional keyboard, only 8 of the 10 fingers get used, but not with the Maltron keyboard where you use all your 10 fingers. Thus theoretically boosting your typing speed by 20 %. This is not it the unique keyboard also helps prevent RSI (repetitive stress injuries). The heart of the Maltron keyboard is the key switch. The Cherry MX switches are considered the best keyboard switches in the industry. Cherry switches are known to last 50 million key strokes per key!

One of the major causes of RSI is the need to pound the key of membrane key switches to make it activate. This constant pounding takes it toll on the human body over the years. Cherry MX key switches activate HALF WAY thru the key stroke. This means that the user does not have to pound the keys into the base of the keyboard. This significantly reduced the stress to the human body. Use a Maltron keyboard for a day, and you will be amazed the the results!
. Each Keyboard is Handmade!
. Connects to PS/2 and USB interfaces
. Works with PC’s, Mac, Unix, and Linux computer systems
. Contour keyboard with integrated keypad
. Cherry key activators for increased durability and performance
. Allows for increase in speed of typing
The Maltron keyboard is available for a staggering $ 490.


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