The smallest car in the world will be available again

by Gavril Mankoo

Well, if you’ve grown weary of that gleaming black SUV parked in your garage, we’ve got the perfect ride for you. A seemingly selfish way to get around, given that you’d drive alone in one of these, without the rest of your folks in tow, these micro-cars have been brought back to life by a group of UK businessmen. Built by the recently resurrected Peel brand, these cars, the P50 and the Trident sport three wheels each and a 3.35 horsepower 49 cc two-stroke gasoline engine. Also, these little micro-cars are available with brushless electric motors, though with speeds of up to just 15mph, good enough to give a golf-cart a run for its money. Priced at $10,772 and upwards, these aren’t the type of cars you’d want to show up at a grand party in, though they do make for lovely museum artifacts!

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