The Seabright PC430 – A UMPC which sports a gamepad instead of a keyboard

by mohsin

This snappy looking UMPC simply called the Seabright PC430 runs on the Windows CE 5.0 OS. This device has prioritized a gamepad over a keyboard, the device looks more like a gaming machine instead a lean mean business machine. The device runs on a 533MHz Samsung 2443A processor up to 4GB of internal memory, SD card slot, USB 2.0 host port, optional Wi-Fi and GPS, webcam. Now usually a device this small hides a tiny keyboard in its clamshell design, but the Seabright PC430 has a gamepad in its lower shell. These controls look like it has two sets of controls that do the same thing. Other software like a Media player with support for Flash, MP4, AVI, MP3, WMA, read your emails read and edit Word, Excel, and PDF files. Chat using Skype, MSN using the Photo viewer share pictures with friends, and correct your grammar with the on board E-dictionary. Calendar, paint brush, calculator, text viewer. It even includes software to manage or add/remove applications.

The Seabright PC430 is one micro PC for sure, the device even lets you watch TV on its optional DVB-T/TVB-T tuner and surf the net using ASDL dial-in. No word yet on the pricing or the expected launch of the device.

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