The Parasolar umbrella – power up while having a brunch

by yogesh

On a hot summer day sitting in the garden isn’t everybody’s idea of enjoying a holiday. Sometimes simply having a shade doesn’t help either, you may want to attach a small fan under the shade but then have to worry about powering it. That’s where this unique device comes handy. The parasol is an optimized umbrella with flexible photovoltaic laminated panels integrated in the synthetic cloth stretched on the structure of the parasol. It is an umbrella concept that provides energy for lighting, charging, heating, and cooling equipment and devices. While protecting you from the sun, you can take advantage of Parasolar technology that transforms the light absorbed at daytime to provide power by day and night. The product comes in one carry-on case, easily transportable. The cover helps to fix and stabilize the Parasolar to the ground.

The charger/battery and the energy transformer are placed at the base of the Parasolar, giving its stability. The tubular pole can be extended with a simple telescopic structure. When clipped together or assembled, the parasol and the base automatically initiate the energy transformation process. The Parasolar supports one-12volts-output and two USB sockets, so you can play a game of golf on your laptop if the grass isn’t trimmed yet.