The On Running Shoe is designed to give you a firm footing and make a run fun

by Shayne Rana

I’ve always believed that the best way to keep fit is running, even though I hardly do any of it. But don’t you just hate it when it’s always a hassle trying to get the best kind of running shoes? There are so many to choose from each one offering some new technology that would enable you to either run faster and or better and costing the leg you’d be running on with an arm thrown in. The latest in running gear is a show called The On Running Shoe which is designed to make sure that all your leg muscles are given the right amount of stress at the right time. The shoe won an ISPO Brand New award which is a German award for best technology and innovation in the sports field for products.

The idea behind this shoe is that it gives the wearer a firm and solid surface to push off of after hitting the ground thereby exercising all the legs muscles adequately. While normal shoes absorb and cushion the impact, they don’t normally give you firm footing to move on which is not really a god thing, according to research. So the On shoe has been designed to combat this scenario with shock absorbers that lock when fully compressed making it a solid space between your foot and the floor. The shoes are expected to be priced at about $150 as the final cut design isn’t quite ready, but that seems like a reasonable price, nothing to run away from.