The Nintendo DSi as a phone! Pinch me someone

by Gareth Mankoo

Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata said something that’s got a lot of us on the edge of our seats. In a rather twisted, indirect manner, he made a comment of a DSI phone service that may be a reality in a matter of time. He said, “Nintendo would not release a console that could be used as a mobile phone unless it could do so without the need for a monthly subscription.” At the same time, he said that Nintendo isn’t making a phone. Now this means that the man is either confused or he doesn’t know how to hide trade secrets. Whatever be the reason, I am seriously going to pen this down in my gizmo diary as one of the biggest developments in the world of gaming this year. Yes! I am a Nintendo fan, so bloody what?

The reason we can take this ‘news’ to be for real is that the Nintendo DSi already has Wi-Fi so introducing free calls for gamers will never be a problem.

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