The most secure wallet you can afford

by Gareth Mankoo

Now we do not always take the pains to go looking for a wallet that’s completely safe to use and makes sure that our belongings such as cash, cards, IDs, etc. However, it’s quite important to make sure that the wallet we own is safe, rather than just swanky and easily penetrable. So we have the cool new TungstenW wallet from Aegis that makes use of biometrics. This means that you can program it from your computer to recognize your fingerprint. Hence it opens only when you run your finger over it. You can also pair it with your phone using Bluetooth thus causing it to set off an alarm every time it is 10 feet away from your phone.

You can pick the TungstenW in a fiberglass version that comes in black, gold, green, pink or white for $399. You can also pick it in a carbon fiber and Kevlar version for $599.
[TungstenW via Gearlog]

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