The most expensive razor is made of meteorite bits, costs $100K

by Gareth Mankoo

Not all of us have the funds to make a decent living in a major metropolitan, with a lifestyle studded with ‘basic’ luxuries like a Bugatti Veyron. But there are also those who’d probably shove each other as they dash for this Zafirro razor. This Iridium Razor is available in a limited edition quantity. In fact, even the 99 pieces of the Iridium Razor will pretty much take a while selling off completely. The reason is that they cost ‘hundred thousand Dollars apiece!’ Iridium is “an extremely scarce and expensive metal that is so dense it could survive a drop into molten lava”. That’s what this razor is totally made of. Iridium is the byproduct of meteor crashes. The blade is made of artificially created sapphire that’s a hypoallergenic and sharper than your usual blade.

The next time you set out to buy $100,000 worth of something, you could stop by to ask if there still are some pieces of this indestructible razor left. I feel the only thing that can destroy it is its price tag.

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