The most durable DVD we know, lasts a millennium!

by Gareth Mankoo

A new company that goes by the name of ‘Cranberry’ has revealed that their DVD can last a thousand years. There’s no word on the scratch-proof-ness of the DVD but what we do know that the DVD, called DiamonDisc, is a sure competitor to written works and paperback records. Surely, digital media is also a subject of some fatal wear and tear, no matter in what form you store it. Hence, someone could really make use of something like the DiamonDisc. The question that haunts us is what kind of media would we be using to store data after 1000 years? Or, would we even need external media to do so? We may all be having chip implants with non-volatile storage or something of the sorts.

Each DiamonDisc costs $35. The burner is even more atrociously priced at $4995. If the disc lasts just 700 years, you’re surely not going to find the company to sue. Surely, this Cranberry will not be seeing zombies for a while.

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