The Microsoft Home, a taste of lifestyle in 2025

by Gavril Mankoo

Seems like the makers of The Jetsons got the concept of a future home completely wrong! Microsoft just gave the world a taste of what the future will be like, with the Microsoft Home. Instead of living high up in the air in space-craft like structures surrounded by glass walls, Microsoft envisions a home with interactive walls, touchscreen wireless charging trays and a load more! The Home, for now, is a private testing ground, kept away from public view, where researchers can show up and test their “for-future-homes” gizmos. At present, the Home also includes a watch that records health data and syncs it with your home network or a media center that can analyze video and identify products and locations featured on screen!

And with a home like this, living alone sure won’t seem half as lonely as it did before, not when your Twitter-friendly ceiling keeps updating you with tweets!

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