The Marantz IS301 is a wireless iPod dock

by mohsin

Sure, you know of the numerous iPod accessories available to keep you engaged in music to even waking you up each morning, but how about one that uses Bluetooth to stream audio and video around your house wirelessly. The Marantz IS301 features three parts; the receiver, with various outputs to connect to your stereo and/or TV, the transmitter that the iPod slips into, and the recharging base, which the iPod and transmitter sleeve, can be docked into. This enable you to carry the iPod around to change tracks, rather than leave it plugged into your sound system and then try to remotely navigate using what’s probably a screen less control. The IS301 uses the Bluetooth AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) to manage playback. It also features outputs that include component and S-Video, among others. You can have several docks wirelessly hooked up to one receiver. The dock has a USB connection allowing you to connect it to your computer for iTunes synchronizing.

The Marantz IS301 launches in Japan in January 2009 priced at around $276; there is no word on a US release.

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