The loudest bicycle horn honks at 178db making it louder than a jet engine

by Gavril Mankoo

Bicycles are considered as some of the best ways to travel these days, given the fact that these are inexpensive, use no fuel whatsoever and are silent as a dead bug. What we came across, is a bicycle that simply steps away from anything everything you’d expect a conventional bicycle to be. Seriously loud, hurtfully expensive and tremendously uncomfortable to ride around, this bicycle called the Hornster, a name it easily lives up to, comes with a Scuba tank mounted between the handlebars and the seat.

This bicycle, connected to a seriously loud horn capable of emitting sounds at 178db is bound to make people jump right out of their skins and if you’re lucky enough, go deaf! Priced at $8,000, this one’s as ridiculous and unethical as you’d expect a bicycle to be.


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