The LG Viewty II defines slim and sexy

by Gareth Mankoo

With a waistline of just 12.4 mm, the second edition of the LG Viewty is a clear winner in the beauty contest between slim phones. With all the assets in place, there’s little that can be taken away from the Viewty II. And when I say assets I mean the stunning 8 megapixel shooter, a whopping 32 GB of storage place, GPS, HSPDA and of course, a sleek touch interface. If you’re an LG fan then you’ll surely be smacking your lips at this one. It captures videos up to 720 x 480 pixels! The phone keeps LG on check with the other new offering from contemporaries. I feel that it should give a good head-on to other phones if it covers up for all the problems of the original version (and, if it comes with a different name altogether).

Let’s hope we don’t have the crazy memory-card-lying-under-the-battery situation here, like we did with its predecessor not the slowdown of the firmware because of an overfull phone memory.