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The James Bond phone from the East

by Dhiram Shah

Here is a unique phone dedicated to the world’s most famous secret agent. The 007 phone is manufactured in China it has James Bond’s signature and 12 signs of the Zodiac on it. It has a rather large screen though it is not mentioned we are guessing it will be 4 – 5 inches wide. The phone has powerful speakers delivering 3D sound and are loud enough to fill the room with your favourite song. It has a 2 Megapixel camera and comes preloaded with James Bond images and sounds. It borrows the talking style from the Nokia NGage, yes you have to hold the phone sideways to talk it makes you look stupid and is not comfortable for long conversation either. The phone is powered by a powerful 2000 mAh battery and supports USB connectivity. No details are available about onboard memory, connectivity, memory slot etc. Available in Hong Kong and Mainland China the phone retails for HK$ 1,580 ($ 200). Oh in case you hope to pick it up on your next trip, please keep in mind that it is a limited edition phone.
(More pics after the jump. Thank you Daisy for the translation).


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  1. Zola

    embedded james pics and sound. vat more one needs. Moto makes me crazy.


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