The iPhone 5 to boast of Sony 8MP camera, courtesy Stringer

by madhulika

Yup, the iteration is a little too far, but not as much as you think. With the rumours and news slipping of the fifth brother of the iPhone gracing the shelves soon, this comes as a cherry on the cake. If a recent interview given by Sony chief honcho, Sir Howard Stringer, to WSJ’s Walt Mossberg is to be believed than iPhone 5 would have an eight megapixel camera. During the course of the interview, Stinger claimed that the company’s camera sensor plant in Sendai has been hit by the Japanese earthquake, thus delaying the shipment of sensors to Apple. Now its common knowledge that Apple has so far only sourced cameras from OmniVision, which hints that Sony is only shipping sensors for a future model.

Now combine this with the February rumor that pointed towards an eight-megapixel sensor to the iPhone 5 and that of Sony taking over from OmniVision after possible chip yield issues prevented the sensor from arriving on time. You can put two and two together….
Which Sony camera did you say? Then it has to be the one that is seen on Xperia Neo, which shoots in low light with little noise. And given Apple’s preference of overall quality over megapixel count, it seems to be perfect.
Out only wish is that Sony gears up fast to be able to accommodate the demand.