The iPad Handstand gives you better grip than any case

by Gareth Mankoo

The tablet may seem like the coolest thing in the world to own. But then what do you do if you are placed with the problem of butter fingers? Handling the iPad and other tablets is a bit of a problem for a few, so the idea of rubber cases set in. However, you do require some good grip to get them to be effective too. So the iPad Handstand would be a sure-shot solution for someone looking to completely get over all fears of keeping his/her iPad from crashing to the floor. This way, you even get your other hand to be free for navigation purposes. It also allows you to spin your tablet along the axis of the strap so that switching between landscape and portrait modes will require just a single hand, minus the risk of dropping it.

All you’d need to pay would be $50 for this amazing accessory. It’s more expensive than the iPad Strap that had its share of demand. But then, spinning is the new sh*t!

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