The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Highway

by Dhiram Shah

All those of you who (living in Michigan) were contemplating a greener option for mode of travel will pretty soon have the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Highway as the answer. The state of Michigan hopes to connect Ann Arbor and Detroit using a raised railway like system that combines Maglev, Hydrogen and Solar Power technology. Called the ‘rail conduit cluster’ it boasts of zero emission and carry cars, people, and even distribute electricity, water, liquid waste, fiber optics, hydrogen, oxygen and other fuels in its course. Justin Eric Sutton is the mastermind behind this project and apparently an ‘active floor restraint’ for loading cars and cargo has also been designed.
Update – Ann Arbor officials confirm that there is no truth to the rumor of the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Highway, readers please note, that although the idea and concept is great, this project won’t take off.

The construction for the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Highway is set to start this year.
Get more info here and here.

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