The Hard Disk Crusher – Hackers rejoice

by yogesh

For those who still don’t know that every email they wrote since they got their computer is subject to recovery from their hard drive. Every movie they downloaded can be traced; even the mp3 songs they shared with friends are easily recoverable by someone looking for it. That’s of course until you buy yourself a Hard Disk crusher. This no-nonsense machine from EDR Solutions does exactly what its name says, destroying a hard disk in as little as 10 seconds. “It basically ‘drills’ through the hard drive’s spindles which physically creates ripples in the platters making it impossible to recover any data.

The Crusher can even work with an emergency hand pump in case your building is surrounded by enemy forces who have cut off the power. The only problem–and it’s a big one–is its $11,500 price tag. For that kind of money, a few medium-range explosives would seem more cost-effective. But even better would be just buy a hammer and a screwdriver to punch through your beloved hard disk.