The GymyGym office chair is great for those quickie office workouts, like that ever happens

by Shayne Rana

Wouldn’t be great if we could get a simple work out while sitting in the office or even working at home/ I know it’d make my life a whole lot easier consider I spend so much time on my rear in my chair both at work and at home. Obviously I’m not the only one with this predicament and since there are so many of us chair jockeys enter the GymyGym exercise office chair. Not only does it look really comfortable to sit and get your work down it it’s also a neat way to stay in shape while sitting on your rump all day. It’s a neat little frame that’s got bungee cords for the supports and handles in certain areas that allow you to pull and give yourself a simple little workout like you would with a Bullworker. It’s designed to – pump almost every muscle with the right exercises. Of course you’re going to look quite crazy stretching around in you’re at work while sitting in your seat, that is unless you happen to be the boss and have your own cabin. And for $600 a chair, I’ll just have to assume if you do buy one that you are the boss.

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