The Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision LD with a 231-inch display

by deepa

If there is a better superlative word in terms of grammar for ‘biggest’ then I would describe the 231-inch Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision LD with it. As the size of the screen has become something of a status symbol for technology companies, it can be dubbed as the King-Kong of its clan. Sporting a 231-inch diagonal measurement and featuring all of the inputs you would expect from a big time TV (DVI), the huge TV has something to offer that nothing else can. It features an array of 16 million colors, though only a resolution of 512 x 288, falling far short of being given the HDTV title. Practically you will need to stand 15 feet from the screen to see the whole picture.

And if you are interested in knowing the price tag just for your GK ( read general knowledge) then it’s for £262,000 ($500,000).
Via – Luxurylaunches

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