The first water cooling unit for PC built into power supply

by Dhiram Shah

The main problem with water cooled PC’s is the bulky external radiator unit and the ugly looking water pipes. Digital Cowboy Japan has come to the rescue with the Water Cowboy DC-WCP450, a 450 watt ATX power supply which has a built in radiator, pump and tank. The unit has a 12cm angular fan which cools both the power supply and the radiator. The kit comes complete with power cord, water circulating tube, water block, coolant (500 ml), grease, nozzle, tube clip etc. The DC-WCP450 is compatible with CPU socket LGA775 and Socket 754/939.

The Water Cowboy DC-WCP450 will be available in Japan from June for 25,800 Yen ($ 230)

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