The EZ Digital Trainer the hi-tech way to train dogs

by Dhiram Shah

The EZ Digital Trainer is a new device for pet dog training. The product repeats the voice of the master to train the pet dog. The master can train his dog from where he is standing. The device uses latest digital recording technique and hence the master’s command is very natural.Since the device uses high frequency waves only the pet dog is able to listen to master’s command and no one else. Hence the near by people are not disturbed. The advanced microphone and speaker are built into this handy device. The device is able to record repeated voices and there are no wear and tear parts. The master can record eight different commands for situations like sit down, stand up etc.The device with dimensions 7cm X 11.5 cm X 2 cm is powered by easily available 4xAA alkaline cells. Via – Aving (Korean)

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