The Electric Sand Timer has no sand

by Dhiram Shah

I saw this geeky device and my face lit up. Based on the classic hourglass that is filled with sand, the Electric Sand Timer drains red LED lights with each passing moment. You can set precise timings from 1, 5, or 10 minutes, up to 1 hour, as per your needs. I can picture a family sitting together in the den and playing a game of Taboo or Pictionary and using this cool device to keep time. It sure will add the drama to the game with its lights and alarm beeper! The sturdy design will ensure that it won’t break, should the losing team try to play foul and try and smash the timer! Like the site says “Great in the kitchen, conference room, and game room.”
(Roll over for the specs)

The Electric Sand Timer costs $19.95. The specs include:
– Three buttons allow setting of time in increments of 1, 5, or 10 minutes, up to a maximum of 1 hour.
– Add time while the timer is running.
– Read exactly how much time remains; the molded guide on the timer’s back assists you.
– Single button cancel / clear.
– A beeper and flashing lights alert you when the time runs out.
– Battery saving features include: (1) LED turnoff after a short idle period (2) Auto-turnoff 1/2 hour after a timeout (3) A ‘power save’ switch for maximum battery life.
– Includes three “AA” batteries and instructions in English, French, Spanish, and German.

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