The Docomo AR Walker will make augmented reality and GPS information truly come alive

by Shayne Rana

At first, the Docomo AR Walker may look like a very ordinary set of spectacles. If you believed that, you’ll be seriously impressed with what these seemingly ordinary glasses can do. Displayed at CEATEC in Japan, the AR (Augmented Reality) Walker is equipped with a small display screen (320 x 240 pixels) that’s mounted onto the pair of glasses and is designed to work in the same way as the Layar AR browser would work on a mobile phone. The glasses will still need to be hooked up to your phone that will be running the app, so all it actually does is allow you keep your handset in your pocket instead of walking around with it in front of you. Since it’s just a prototype wires were used to connect the two and hopefully we’ll see a wireless version at some stage.

The system is designed to superimpose characters or objects on top of what you’re viewing to offer something like a guided tour of your location. Information about places to eat and visit will definitely look a little more interesting though the viewers eyes Handsets that come with GPS built-in will be able to handle the system as well.

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