The cartridge firing Zippo lighter, sports barrel and uses 6mm cartridges

by Gavril Mankoo

Zippo lighters have their own class. For one, they aren’t anything like those cheap plastic lighters you pick up at department-store checkouts. These refillable metal lighters by the Zippo Manufacturing Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania, U.S. are the Harley Davidsons of lighters, and users are known to swear by them. Be it a campfire or a cigarette, these light them up in style. This Zippo we stumbled across lately isn’t anything like we’ve seen before, and functions like a gun to fire up, literally. Using copper-cased 6mm cartridges fired out of a little barrel, this one kicks out the traditional wick, though keeps the wheel to fire up. For now a one-of-a-kind concept, we’re guessing this one to sport a heavy price tag once it turns into an official release.


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