The best revenge a prostitute had on a geek cheat

by Gareth Mankoo

We, at NewLaunches, do our best to give you the dope on new market launches. We also focus on trends of the gizmo world and often land up on vague stories of absurd happenings. One such tale is that of the prostitute named Kandalaria. Ms. K has just brought a whole new wave of revengeful trends that prostitutes can afflict their cheating customers with. Ms. K had an issue with a client who wouldn’t pay her the $200 that she charged for her ‘duties’ and fled the motel instead. So, what does Kandelaria do? She makes good of his MacBook! It was later recovered from her pink suitcase as she was en route to San Diego.

How can you justify a case as such? Geeks who happen to be hooker-cheats, better beware since the pink ladies just learnt where it hurts you most.