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The world’s first pink Apple iPhone 5 unveiled by Amosu Couture

by Gavril Mankoo

Looking for the perfect and a somewhat extravagant way to woo your Apple-loving valentine? Check out this one-of-a-kind special edition iPhone 5. Tagged as the World’s First Valentine Special Pink iPhone 5, this one was created by Amosu Couture. Instead of the usual white and black hues, this iPhone 5 is wrapped in a pleasant pink, good enough to make your female friend smile brightly.

Available with black or white accents, the smartphone also comes with a free Amosu Couture Pink Calf leather case. And for those looking to spend a little more, this pink iPhone 5 is also available with Pink Swarovski crystallized elements. While the handset comes for £1499 a pop, the version with Swarovski crystals added on retails for £2899.


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  1. I love the new pink color of the iPhone 5. It still has the professional look and design. Well, this is perfect for girly ladies and for those individuals who love the color PINK.


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