The Ultimate Tech Collection – Nano-tech packed suits that keep the elements at bay

by Gavril Mankoo

If all that’s said is believed to be true, stains on your clothing could very well be a mess you wouldn’t need to deal with! Behold the Ultimate Tech Collection, clothing packed with enough nano-technology to make liquid stains, odors and wrinkles history! These wool suits integrate a protective nano-tech coating that keeps them safe from the elements at play.

And that’s not all! These suits also include adetachable down “storm flap” that keeps your neck and chest warm. Available in a host of interesting colors that promise to spice up your wardrobe including navy blue, light blue and an eye-catching orange, the suit is also compatible with your gadgetry, thanks to its Smart Pocket that enables you to use your smartphone without requiring to pull it out in the open!


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