The U-Scope stethoscope improves a 200-year old design

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s been 200 years that the stethoscope has been in use, diagnosing countless ailments and saving lives. But then again, haven’t you observed your doctor fiddling with the scope at awkward angles just to get it flat across your torso? The FDA-approved U-Scope has managed to fix this awkward problem with a simple design correction. The U-Scope comes with a number of advantages. For starts, it ensures that air doesn’t escape from the diaphragm to the ear piece, thus offering a clearer diagnosis. The inner T-shaped structure section is said to be less strenuous on the ears of the wearer by reducing pressure by 30 percent. The bell of this stethoscope is a special chest piece that is ergonomically designed to naturally fit the fingers. It places comfortably on the patient’s body and is easy to move about the surface of the body. And lastly and most relieving for doctors is the fact that it can be collapsed into a pocket-sized contraptions rather than be worn around.

The makers put it up for crowd-funding and it saw a 260 percent target completion. It is expected to roll out by June this year.

[ Via : Psfk ]

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