The one app you need to protect your privacy from hackers, prying eyes and even the government

by dhiram

In this tech era, things have changed, and not for the better. The world as we knew back in 2004 is not the same today. Today most of our transactions involve the Internet and as we grow more and more dependent on the Internet so does it dangers. In our quest to increase our security, the increased surveillance made our privacy go for a toss. The phrase ‘I’ve nothing to hide’, is no longer relevant, as someone would dig up something on you, that you never know existed, or was of little importance to you but still can expose your identity to multiple threats. 

In the current world scenario, with a pandemic creating havoc around the world, and corporates asking employees to work from home, digital identity protection service is more important than ever. The pandemic has boosted digital media consumption across all platforms, from online gaming, movie streaming, forums, and chat rooms. Everything that we do is connected to the internet directly or indirectly and somewhere, someone would be waiting for you, to use your information, your email, your phone number, your banking details without your consent to perform illegal tasks, cyberbully someone in your name, and so much more. The worst part of all this is, no one will know it wasn’t you.

Everything from browsing cake recipes, to bank transactions, to asking your smart assistance about the weather has the potential to erode our privacy. The convenient features of our smart assistance like always listening or our smart devices, knowing when to turn up the thermostat or turn off the lights once we leave the room, are a threat to our digital identity if not taken seriously. To offer you peace of mind, and save your digital identity from any privacy breaches, Bitdefender – the global leaders in cybersecurity offer their latest software Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection. The Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection is super simple & straight-forward to use, but do not misinterpret it’s easy to use UI for anything but a serious identity protection tool. 

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protect is the smart choice to opt for now than ever, as the enterprises are changing dramatically on how their employees would be working now, given the pandemic that has feared man-kind. Covid-19 has changed how we engage with people. Non-touch engagement is the new normal, and to make all this possible, the internet is playing a huge part. The internet has not only enabled us for a better post-COVID world but also exposed us to identity theft hackers, preying on your vulnerabilities to extort our private information & cause damage.

Getting started with the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection is simpler than getting your favorite breakfast cereal off of Amazon. It requires less information input than your social media website. Just enter your email & phone number, and the Bitdefender servers will scrape through every possible website & social media platform to bring your attention to any & all data breaches from the millions of websites on the internet. Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection tool creates your digital footprint map of the internet, allowing you to easily monitor everything. If there is identity theft, Bitdefender notifies you in real-time & also advises on steps to contain it, yes it’s that simple. Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection continuously monitors for any identity theft involving your data to keep you safe. We’d highly recommend the usage of Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection for you & your family.