The Mission RS, the speediest electric bike on the planet

by Shayne Rana

The electric vehicle could be the best answer to our fuel crisis and with advancements being made in both fully electric and Hybrid cars. But the biking sector, although moving at a steady pace, just made a serious stride with San Francisco-based Mission Motors all new Mission RS. The Mission RS is possibly the fastest electric superbike there is. Back in 2011, the RS beat all takers at the TTXGP race at Laguna Seca. It finished a good 40 seconds ahead of the rest proving that under it’s “electric” interior beats a heart of a genuine superbike. It’s still a prototype but the company is working on making it even better than it already is. It features a 160 horsepower (120 kW) electric motor that can produce about 33 pound-feet of torque and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Add that to the fact that it can go from ) to 60 in 3 seconds flat with a top speed of 150 MPH and you’ve got yourself an awesome, eco-loving superbike.

The Mission RS is fitted with a 17 kWh li-ion cell. The company claims it’ll go for at least 140 to 200 miles before it needs a recharge that would take no more than 2 hours. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display and looks as sexy as any of the competitors that run on fuel. All of this speed, beauty and eco friendliness will set you back about $60,000 when it goes on sale in the summer. However, being of the ‘green’ variety you could get a tax rebate of about $3,500 dropping the price to $56,500. Still pricey but what a way to go.








[Via – Gizmodo]

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