The Mario Kart 7 Micro Drive R/C does wheelies and doughnuts!

by Gavril Mankoo

Have you grown tired of driving around your expensive R/C supercars and those seriously cool monster trucks? Well, here’s a remote-controlled ride that’s oodles of fun and is also something you’d want to add to your Mario Bros. collection, the Mario Kart 7 MicroDrive. As its name suggests, this R/C car is modeled on the Mario Kart and is capable of doing a lot more than just zipping around in a straight line, the way most R/C cars do. Instead, the Mario Kart 7 Micro Drive R/C lives up to its name and does everything, from wheelies to 360 degree spins!

While the toy is actually intended for kids 6 years and upwards, we simply can’t keep our eyes of this nostalgic R/C car. The car has multiple speeds and is officially licensed by Nintendo, the makers of the good old game. The car requires 6 AAA batteries that do not come with the pack and are required to be bought separately. Priced at $44.99, this colorful, cheerful and well-detailed Mario Kart 7 Micro Drive R/C is worth a pick!

[Available at Thinkgeek]

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