The iPhone 6S camera versus previous versions

by Gareth Mankoo

The new camera modules of the iPhone 6S seems to be among the top runners for the new phone. With a 12-megapixel sensor you can be assured that there will be no dearth in the quality of images. This has been justified by these amazing shots by the iPhone 6S that are compared to versions of the phone camera that preceded it. The co-founder of Camera+, Lisa Bettany, has published a series of comparative snaps clicked with cameras from across the generation of iPhones. Starting with the humble 2-megapixel iPhone camera, the device has come leagues ahead in the camera department to marvel and amaze its loyalists and growing base of new fans.

iphonecomparison 2
The comparison done through macro shots is simply spellbinding. There have been tremendous improvements in the backlit and low-light photography captures as well. In the case of portrait images, the all new iPhone 6S has enhanced color accuracy and even contributed in reducing noise of the images. The zoom feature can be a clear testimonial to this fact.
iphonecomparison 3

iphonecomparison 4

iphonecomparison 5

iphonecomparison 6

[ Via : Petapixel ]