Thanko’s waterproof case for SLR camera

by bharat

Robust cases for the iPhone have set a trend for durable and waterproof cases for all types of electronics. SLR cameras and their lenses are very vulnerable they need to be handled with care because they can bruise easily. Therefore, to simplify things for SLR users, Thanko has developed a waterproof and damage-proof casing for Sony NEX-5N, Nikon V1 and Panasonic GF3, J1 etc. With the new casing you can be relaxed about your camera; inside the case it is more durable than ever before. Now you can take your camera underwater to capture the marine life or take it to the mountains for a perfect panoramic shot because your camera can resist a fall from a meter.

Priced at 19,800 yen, approximately $250 the waterproof case is available at Thanko Japan. Bring home the SLR case and you’re good for an aquatic ride or some outdoor fun, what you want to snowboard with the camera – go on!