Thanko’s USB helmet offers relaxing head massages at work

by Gavril Mankoo

A nine to five job isn’t the most pleasant way to spend eight hours of your day and more often than not, these can cause headaches, extreme stress, a dull mind and drowsy eyes. To make things easier, Thanko has recently unveiled this fantastic device that you can use at work, without causing too much of a distraction! A definite way to relieve stress, the Thanko USB helmet-massager slips onto your head to give you a relaxing and fantastic massage, at your work place! Reminiscent of artifacts from the Tron franchise, this helmet weighs in at just 434 grams.

Once powered on, the helmet applies vibration therapy to all the crucial points of the wearer’s head. To power it up, all this Thanko helmet requires is AAA batteries or a USB connection. The helmet is adjustable to fit nearly all head sizes. That apart, the intensity of the vibration can also be adjusted to suit individual preferences, with an integrated dial added to the helmet for the same. Priced at $30 a piece, we sincerely think this helmet is one of the best USB accessories we’ve come across and is the perfect way to stay cool, calm and relaxed as you spend an unusually rough day nestled in your cubicle at work.

[Available at Thanko via Everything USB]