Thanko’s “self-shot stick” makes self-photography easier

by Gavril Mankoo

No one really uses real cameras anymore, unless it’s one of those shutterbug folk who simply can’t help lugging around their Nikons and Cannons. These days, most of us resort to mobile phone cameras, given the fact that these are easy to whip out and use, instantly. And given the fact that smartphone users do spend a considerable amount of time with our phones, people click pictures of themselves with their devices too, using mirrors to their advantage, at times. Well, here’s a better way to click pictures of you instead of having to hold the device awkwardly or use the front camera.

Designed by Thanko, this “self-shot stick” allows users to mount a smartphone on and click pictures. Essentially an extended arm of sorts that enables you to take better pictures of yourself, the self-shot stick can be extended from 30cm up to 120cm. Also, this one can be hooked up to a digital camera or a tripod, making it a versatile accessory for your camera devices. Priced at about $20 a pop, this innovation is certainly worth the shot!









[Via – Akihabaranews]

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