Thanko’s Odemukae umbrella keeps two craniums dry

by Gareth Mankoo

The eternal romantic image of a couple sharing an umbrella may seem mundane and naive, with the arrival of the Odemukae umbrella from Thanko. They are serious when it comes to preparing for the Japanese monsoons but the idea thus is quite fruitful. The umbrella is over 1.2 meters wide and serves in shielding two people from the rain. The brilliance lies in the design, where, even when two people stand under it, it doesn’t seem like a beach umbrella. The umbrella is available in wine red, blue and light brown colors. It can also be a great help to those wide personalities who always have a leg wet or even a sling bag that is subjected to drenching.

This is a smart design innovation in the field of umbrellas, with the solar powered one and X-ray one as predecessors. It will set you back 1,980 Yen (over $20) though.





[Via- Thanko and Akihabaranews]

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