Thanko’s Chin Rest Arm, because boredom and work often co-incide

by Gareth Mankoo

While some parts of Europe have illegalized working for eight hours, the rest of the world isn’t so kind. Which is why we need contraptions that accommodate boredom and tiredness, especially when you’re into the 6th to 8th hour of work. That’s when you just want to go through stuff and have your palm support your drowsy head. But then, that doesn’t enable you to type speedily. So, Japan’s novelty house, Thanko, has introduced the Chin Rest Arm that gives you that missing third arm we all lack. Made of plastic, this movable arm can also serve as your resting point. It is exceptionally useful for the creative kind. The ones who spend hours brooding over a situation to come up with an idea. Whether it’s a poet or an advertising copywriter. It does bend around in a number of angles and serves as a pillow but sure looks creepy if sighted without expecting it.

It costs 4,980 Yen ($40). As the holiday season kicks off and procrastination soars, we could well do with something like this.



[ Available at : Thanko ]

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