Thanko USB stealth switch

by Dhiram Shah

This switch reminds me of bank robberies where the cashier presses a similar switch by foot which alerts the cops. However the Thanko switch connects to your PC via USB and has a different purpose. The stealth switch lies undetected under your desk and is activated by foot, just press the switch and Solitare is minimized and Excel spreadsheet maximized. After installing the software you get a couple of options with the switch like Hide Current Window, Hide Open Window and Hide All Open Windows Except Windows With Titles Containing the Following Text in which you can specify Word, Excel, Photoshop etc. So no more panicking with Alt + Tab when your boss steps in just hit the foot switch and relax. For peace of mind it comes with password protection so the application does not start without the password thus hiding your secrets when someone else uses your computer.

The Thanko USB stealth switch measures 80 x 80 x 30mm weighs 200 grams and comes with a 170 cm long USB cable. It is available in Japan for 2,980 Yen ($ 25).

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