Thanko USB Remote control charger for Wii

by Dhiram Shah

Thanko Japan the company responsible for churning out crazy USB gadgets is out with the USB Remote control charger for the Nintendo Wii. The charger comes with a USB cradle and a Wiimote battery cover with special Nickel battery attached. So all you have to do is replace the Wiimote’s battery cover with this one. The special cover has contact terminals at the back just like the ones on your cordless phone, so no more removing batteries and losing your personlised settings all you have to do is place the Wiimote on the cradle for juice. The batteries charge fully in 3.5 hours and provide 25 hours of gameplay. The charger can be connected to the USB port on the Wii or your PC or Mac. It has cool blue LED which lights up to indicate charging. The new battery is much lighter compared to 2 x AA batteries.

The Thanko USB Remote control will go on sale in Japan from late Feb with a set of two selling for 6480 Yen ($ 53) and single unit for 3480 Yen ($ 30).


  1. czechm8

    not to be really lazy, but I have to take my straps off of my wiimotes (all 4 of them) in order to charge them?

  2. brian

    ur gunna have to do that with battiers anyways right? why not do it once, then never have to do it again


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