Thanko USB Mask makes you look like wired Hannibal Lecter

by Dhiram Shah

Accompanying the USB powered Air conditioned clothes here is the USB powered mask. The mask is made from silicon and is very comfortable it has fans on either side which draw in fresh air and purify it for breathing. However wearing a dorky mask connected to your PC will certainly make you look like a jack ass. Also the constant buzzing of the fans will drive you wild while answering a phone call. The mask cannot be used outdoors where it is needed more as it draws power from the USB port. The above image shows a Japanese chick suffering from allergies in the office until she is offered the USB mask.

The Thanko USB Mask is available in Japan for 2480 Yen ($ 20).


  1. Thanko USB-Powered Air Purifier Mask Filters Allergens, Dignity

    Yes, Thanko makes weird stuff, we know. But a USB-powered air purifier mask? What kind of market are they shooting for with this? Sure, the silicon mask may purify air of allergens, but at what cost? I don’t know, is…

  2. Nishu

    If with his pace Thanko would be producing its products, then very soon we would be leading a USB-Driven life.

  3. Harvey

    What a pile of bollocks.


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