Thanko Morse Code Secure Flash Drive

by Dhiram Shah

Thanko the name anonymous with whacky USB gadgets has unveiled the Morse Code Secure Flash drive. The drive is the size of a credit card and has a numeric pad for entering the password. The drive uses dual security for protecting your valuable data. Once you connect the drive to your computer it wont be recognized until you enter the correct password on the typepad. After this you will be prompted for another password this time by the computer and upon entering it another drive will be recognized by the PC which contains the confidential data. So even if you lose the drive you can be assured that your data wont be compromised.

The drive is available in two capacities 512 MB and 1 GB. It comes with a stylish aluminium case and measures 80 x 54 x 10 mm and the 512 MB drive is available for 6980 Yen ($ 60) and 1 GB for 9,980 Yen ($ 85) in Japan.

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