Thanko i2 Stream – Wireless audio transmitter

by Dhiram Shah

Thanko the Japanese company known for their crazy USB gadgets has proved themselves again with the Thanko i2 Stream which is a audio transmitter and receiver. So what does this novel gadget do? It connects to your MP3 player / phone etc and transmits the audio at 2.4 Ghz to be picked up by the receiver unit. The idea is pretty simple what if you want to share some music with your friends in an unconventional way, you use the Thanko i2 Stream. It charges via USB and can transmit music in 7 channels. Included in the box are two transmitters / receivers, charging cable, audio cables and neck strap. The unit is available in Japan for 14,800 Yen ($ 145)

This is what we will be doing all summer.

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