Thanko salt meter measures the salt level in your food in a snap

by dhiram

Not a lot of people around the world can do with their food lacking salt. As you probably know already, most dishes wouldn’t taste a quarter as great without this magic ingredient that chefs around the world swear by. However, too much of a good thing turns bad and so is the tale of salt-laden food. Too much salt on your plate can lead to several health complications, mainly high-blood pressure. To keep away from it all, this little device keeps a check on the salt content of the food you eat and can be carried everywhere you go.

Measuring just 25 x 212 x 15mm, this device is tiny and can slip into a handbag or your pocket without a hitch. Powered by four LR44 (1.5V) button cell batteries, the device simply requires its tip to be placed in food to measure the salt content in just 0.01 seconds. Be it a soup, a sauce, your bowlful of ramen or a fruit juice, this device measures it all! Priced at just about $20, this handy little device will make sure you don’t gulp down too much salt in a day.

[Available at Thanko via Akihabaranews]

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