Tesla to introduce a sustainable home energy battery on 30th June

by Gareth Mankoo

The environment is everyone’s business and it’s time we began minding it more diligently. Tesla have recognized this urgency for a while now and have put their minds together to roll out a sustainable and cost-effective home-energy solution. What appears to be something like a battery will soon be unveiled by the company at the brink of May. Word spread through the email that the company sent out to their investors. Bloomberg reported that Jeffrey Evanson, Tesla’s head of investor relations, mentioned in an email that the former will elaborate on the advantages of their solutions and why their brand new home-energy solution will overpower previous attempts at creating greener homes.

Tesla_batteryWe have no visual of the battery as yet, nor any word on pricing. However, come April 30th, we can expect to see the world struck in awe if the announcement and teasers are something to go by. The developers believe that once you install the battery and pay for the same, the battery will shrink all your expenditures on power by shaving off your energy costs. Now, we’re waiting!