Terrafugia Transition the drivable street legal airplane

by mohsin

This new plane has foldable wings that make it possible to drive on the street. With a FAA and NHTSA certification, this drivable plane is a light airplane that’s street legal. At the back is a push prop, and the front canard does double duty as a wing and bumper. Its gas engine will push it over a range of 460 miles through the air. The Transition runs on gas and can go about 450 miles on a single tank, but don’t go thinking you can fly one right away. A key code is required to make the wings unfold; only a driver with a pilot’s license – or for that matter a pilot with a driver’s license- can get this key code.

Terrafugia Transition is scheduled to take to the air next month, and you should be able to buy one for yourself by the end of 2009, for $194,000. Take a look at the animated video presentation of the Transition in action.

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