Tempur Japan’s Zero-G bed system promises to make you feel like you’re sleeping on air

by Shayne Rana

For those of us who have trouble finding that perfect position for a good nights sleep thanks to a sometimes ‘irregular’ mattress, Tempur Japan might just have the perfect solution. Their all new “Tempur Zero-G bed system” has been created to offer sleepers what they’ve described as “weightless sleep”. This electronically controlled reclining bed can provide a “Zero-G (Zeroji) position” or what can be translated to the optimised position for a stress free sleep. In a nutshell, it’s supposed to make you feel like your sleeping in Zero Gravity i.e. like sleeping in space. With controls that let you adjust the positions from a close to fetus-like-settings so you’ll feel like you’re back in the womb to one that doesn’t quite make you feel the force of gravity on the body, you could just have the best sleep of your life.

A remote control has been provided for controlling the reclining positions of the bed with options to adjust the level of the head or legs. The company has also designed this Tempur-pedic bed with massage controls with adjustable regulators to control the vibrations. They even made it so much more convenient by introducing an app for your smartphone or tablet that can control the bed via Bluetooth.

Of course the bed can only be used with a company designed mattress that is available separately. The mattress is also quite unique itself and uses a urethane foam material to help evenly distribute your body mass to make things more comfortable. There are three verities of these specially designed mattresses ranging from what they call Easy to Move, Stiffer and Eye Soft. They are priced between $1,600 (157,500 YEN) to about $4000 (388,500 YEN).

The new Tempur Zero-G bed system are available in a single bed size priced at about $2000 (199,500 YEN) as well as a semi-double bed priced at $2280 (220,500 YEN). These prices don’t include the mattress. The Bluetooth adapter for mobile connectivity can be purchased for about $100 (10,000 YEN).



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