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Temco HG40SAN-TBT Bone conduction headphones

by Dhiram Shah

Like we mentioned earlier, new technologies seem to be freaking people out, but sound waves penetrating through the bones to let you hear your music seem to be the current rage. The HG40SAN-TBT from Temco – China is a headset that uses “bone conduction” technology. It is an audio and hands-free Bluetooth headset that does not have earpieces, but you can still hear music and conversations with the vibrations emitted by the headset thru your skull. The battery lasts 3 hours in conversation mode and 5 hours in play mode (MP3).

The Temco HG40SAN-TBT supports HSP, HFP and A2DP profiles, it weights 50g and measures 130x80x133mm. Available in China only for now.

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  1. Samantha Pike

    I keep seeing all these science articles about bone conduction headphones developed in Japan and China, but no site has links to a place to buy them. As a person with SSD and a BAHA, I am VERY interested in finding these somewhere. If anyone has any info please contact me at my e-mail address.

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