Tele Scouter: Wearable text translator by NEC

by Gareth Mankoo

NEC have developed a one-of-a-kind wearable translator. Though the device is still in its primitive, prototype days, it surely impresses us immensely with its real-time language translation capability. The optical device has to be worn over the eye and can project translated text directly on the retina. It’s called the Tele Scouter. Though it leaves us wondering about what the possible disadvantages could be, NEC states that it is quite safe for the eyes and doesn’t cause any kind of strain since the reader isn’t actually reading the text, instead, the translated impression of the same is directly project onto the eye.

There is a word of the Tele Scouter making it into the markets by 2010 but we have to wait for some concrete evidence of the same. The best part is that it can make it possible to have all the newspapers in the world be interpreted without reprints.