Teddy Bear 3000 is a Cuddly Robotic Nightmare

by iona

In know this is meant to be cute, but I find it utterly terrifying. Fujitsu’s Teddy Bear 3000 is a walking, talking, cuddly robot bear that would be more at home in a horror movie than a children’s playroom. I don’t know if it is the bear or the robotic female voice-over on the advertisements that creeps me out more. “Tired of being alone…introducing the Teddy Bear 3000. Your. New. Best. Friend.” This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

According to Fujitsu, Teddy Bear 3000 can make 300 movements using a combination of 12 actuators – three in the face, three in the neck and six in the body. It also has 13 skin touch sensors, hand grip sensors, a tilt sensor, a camera in its nose, a mic and a tracking sensor, so it’ll always find its way home – in other words, good luck trying to lose it. Fujitsu are planning for Teddy 3000 to be used in nursing homes to stimulate the elderly and keep them company, in children’s nurseries to promote learning and at home as a general playmate.
I cannot imagine any child breaking into a smile upon seeing this bear. As a grown adult it has me in a cold sweat. It would make a perfect Halloween present though.